Sarah Lewis nieuwe aanwinst voor Ter Leede Vrouwen

Wij verwelkomen de 19 jarige Sarah Lewis in de vrouwenselectie van Ter Leede. Wij zijn trots dat de uit Canada afkomstige Sarah ons middenveld komt versterken. Sarah speelde het afgelopen seizoen in het beloftenteam van ADO Den Haag, nadat zij een jaar geleden de oceaan overstak om in Nederland haar studie op te pakken.

De afgelopen periode hebben wij Sarah leren kennen als een speelster die beschikt over een uitstekende winnaarsmentaliteit, technisch heel vaardig is en tactisch sterk wanneer ze met behulp van haar uitstekende loopvermogen de juiste keuze moet maken.

Sarah, wij wensen je ontzettend veel plezier en succes toe het komende seizoen!

– Technische commissie Ter Leede Vrouwen –

How old are you and what are you doing when you are not on the pitch?

My name is Sarah Lewis and I am 19 years old. I am from Canada, and moved to the Netherlands last August for my studies.
I am currently doing a liberal arts degree at Leiden University The Hague.

Can you tell us something about your football-history.
In Canada, I played for St. John’s Soccer Club throughout my youth and when I turned 12, I played for my province, Newfoundland and Labrador. From there, I trained with the NLSA high performance team. And eventually, I made the Canada Games team and represented my province in the 2017 summer games. After that, I moved to the west coast of the country to attend a boarding school called Pearson College UWC. There, I played for Vancouver Island FC and Lakehill. After I moved to the Netherlands, I played for ADO’s Beloften team, and now I am looking forward to the next chapter at Ter Leede.

What kind of player is Sarah?
I would say I am a passionate player, I love the game and I think that translates into my performance.
I am known as a runner on the field, so I love a good foot race against an opponent.

What do you expect of the next season?
I am really looking forward to next season, I know that there is a lot of hard work to come, but I am looking forward to working along side a very welcoming and talented group of women.

Sarah Lewis